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Good fortune does not come all of a sudden. The good fortune derive from the combination of courage to start something new, perseverance, proper business opportunity, readiness to keep on improving the quality of a product in order to meet the customer's need.

Those are the factors that have transformed ABC Battery from family business company into modern company as it is today. It has been known that our first factory was established in 1959 in Medan. As a result of our hardworking and perseverance, our company have been able to utilize new technology and build our second factory in Jakarta in 1968 as well as our third factory in Surabaya in 1982.

We would like to leave our message to our successor to keep on maintaining the development of our battery business so that our company can always provide greater services for the whole nation. We believe that we can reach this goal if all of our employees always work closely together in harmony to meet the customer's needs.

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As a mass consumer product, battery is a device that converts chemical energy contained in its active material directly into electrical energy by means of electrochemical reaction. In order to be accepted successfully by consumer, a battery has to fulfill..
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